Best Heavy-Duty Camping Cots for Big and Tall Reviews

“Always have your extra-large camping cots as you head out!”…That’s what my dad told us the first time we were planning for a weekend camp.

Many years later, I still remember it!

Let me first tell you about why I like camping;

To me, camping is one of the coolest activities. It gives you joy and relaxation. It enables you to reconnect with your loved ones away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

It makes you renew your spirit and charge your batteries for the next life challenge. You will reconnect with nature, have fun, relieve the moments, and cast your worries …you know, camping is just awesome.

Back to my dad;

He was a big dude. No wonder we are so big in our family! And he liked two things- swimming and camping…I do not like swimming but spending nights under the stars is my fodder…

The only problem we have had is that every time we come to replace our large cots, we seem to struggle.

I once bought an extra-large cot bed that broke down on me the first night! I have also had a heavy-duty camping cot that couldn’t fit into my car and it used to stress me every time I was headed out.

Well, now that I am here, I decided to do a wrap-up of the topmost extra-large camping cots just to help you have it at least a little bit easier when shopping for large cots.

In any case, if big guys don’t help each other, who will?

I have covered for you the top 5 extra-large camping cots plus all else you need to know about camp beds for heavy people.

Let’s start with the selection;

Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot8 x 9 x 42Heavy-duty, powder-coated frame, and fabric base400 lbsView
Texsport King Kot Giant83 x 35 x 20Heavy-duty silver/white oxygenation aluminum frame350 lbsView
Coleman Comfortsmart Deluxe Cot30 x 80 x 15heavy-duty steel frame300 lbsView
TETON Sports Outfitter XXL85 x 40 x 19Aluminum frame and steel legs with 600 D polyester600 lbsView
Coleman Trailhead II Cot13 x 25 x 76Durable, dual-cross-bar steel frame300 lbsView

Extra-large camping cots are the perfect solution for those worried about cold ground, bugs, and other potential camping nuisances.

For many people, sleeping in a tent on hard ground is the worst part of camping. When you toss and turn, you can wake the entire group. When you have to leave your sleeping bag unzipped to stay cool, it’s easy to get bitten by bugs. And if you’re carrying a lot of weight, your body can take a beating. A good camping cot can make all the difference.

Best Large Cots for Camping Reviews

Camping cots are a great way to sleep comfortably outdoors, but they can be expensive, especially if you’re looking for a large cot.

If you’re a plus-sized camper, then you’ll love these extra-large camping cots. These cots are larger than standard cots so they can better accommodate heavier people.

Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot

Whether you are planning your summer camp or just looking for a family-size tent, or perhaps you just need a spare bed for some valued guests coming around, this is one of those extra-large camping cots that seem to always impress.

Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot

View on

What makes it so impressive?

The oversize Kwik cot from Kamp-Rite flashes opens in just a matter of seconds to create a sweet massive sleeping surface guaranteed to help relax after another tough day.

Then, it doesn’t fear weights and will happily take in a whole 350lbs of you, without batting an eyelid.

Here is a quick overview of everything you get from this extra-large cot bed


  • Do you know those extra large camping cots which complain loudly when moved? Pretty embarrassing, huh? This heavy-duty cot doesn’t squeak when moving it.
  • If you are a side sleeper you will love this extra-large cot bed. It will take in your favorite mattress to ensure you never suffer from those nagging back and neck pains
  • It’s seriously sturdy- it has the muscle to take in the pounds, without showing any signs of stress.
  • It gives you some nice extra storage space. You will never again worry about where to keep your phone, cap, reading a magazine, or even MP3 player at night.
  • You will enjoy first-class comfort. Its size, padding on the head section and fabric delivers excellent support that eventually massages your body to sleep in a short while.
  • If you want to move on to your next location, you won’t need to buy any carriers. Simply slip it into the accompanying carry bag and you are ready to go.
  • The powder coating makes the frame harmless but is also decorative. So, you will be sure that everyone can use it and still enjoy its beauty
  • It is not always good to rely on other people to do simple stuff for you! You will be glad to discover that you will get this up easily and quickly thanks to the crystal clear assembly instructions.


It doesn’t have a lock. This means you may struggle to keep the legs together when extended. Quite a number of clients would rather have some locking mechanism on their extra-large cots

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Texsport King Kot Giant Easy Set-Up Folding Sleeping Camp Cot

Do you believe in miracles? Well, I know you are wondering where this is going…

Here it goes;

I believe that camping can do wonders for you when the world has pushed you to the edge.

Honestly, I consider it therapeutic.

Texsport King Kot Giant Easy Set-Up Folding Sleeping Camp Cot

View the Cot on Amazon

Yes! I’ve always done it…going out there and sometimes just standing there, admiring nature’s warmth as it breezes softly over everything else, like to heal any hurt souls;

Now let me let you into my little secret…for nature to fix you, you must remember that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!

What I mean is that you must carry all those additions that make your experience complete- including one of your best extra large camping cots (if you happen to have several)…

It could be any other heavy-duty cot but I cherish the texsport kingkot giant sleeping cot.

Why do I cherish this?

You were told that giants never walked the face of the earth but here is one, literally!

If 83 x 35 x 20 inches (Length X Width X Height) is not big, tell me what is!

I am 6ft, 9 inches and I still luxuriously lodge in this.

Let me now summarize everything else for you;


  • Bring on the bulky! extra large people don’t frighten it. The manufacturer says it will support even 350 lb dudes. And by the way, you can adjust its Velcro strapping to make it firmer if you still feel unsatisfied.
  • It is heavy duty- the very first time you buy it; you will feel it has that assuring high-level quality to make it serve you for years.
  • Rust is ugly and unsafe for kids- this extra-wide cot has an oxygenated  aluminum body that beats away all corrosion
  • This has a denier-nylon cover which makes it fully water-resistant. This means that even if it suddenly pours, those small tools that make adventure fun remains safe. I am talking about your camera, kindle, iPad X, and even your GPS controller.
  • It is easy to pack up and go- Your time matters and you need to save your energy for later. This heavy-duty camping cot understands you and won’t sap your time/stamina in unpacking or setting.
  • The nylon carry bag is great when the time to leave comes (don’t forget that it is a light wide cot). You can also use it as storage for your mattress to dry when it rains.
  • The big and tall camping cot looks so adorable thanks to the jungle green fabric color that perfectly matches well with nature


  • We are concerned that if you weigh let’s say over 300lbs, the cot sags a little around the middle area. This may be discomforting

Coleman Comfortsmart Deluxe Cot

Once you have tasted the beautiful side of life, you don’t want to stop. Not even when on vacation.

Imagine touring the countryside after so many years. You want to have lots of fun. And do it gracefully, even if just to boost your confidence levels.

Coleman ComfortSmart Cot

View the Cot on Amazon

This is when a refined extra large cot such as the Coleman Comfortsmart deluxe cot comes in handy!

Being one of the five-star extra-large camping cots, this will quickly win you over.

What makes this big and tall camping cot a winner?

Let me ask you…won’t you enjoy sleeping out in a big man cot that makes you feel as if you are resting in your cozy bed at home?

This is designed to be attractive, warm, and tender on you – many a time, it feels like you are slumbering in your king-size bed at home.

Here is a quick sneak peek of this – one of the best camp beds for heavy people


  • It’s steel-strong! It will always offer you a stable relaxing place, one season after another
  • Is your car small and you have had trouble getting a suitably sized large camping cot? Cry no more. This folds compactly and will fit in almost all car trunks
  • You get unbelievable luxury! You see it has some coil suspensions and a massive foam mattress padding that ultimately makes it so calm you start thinking you are in your bedroom.
  • Worried that you are big and you just come across rickety cots that can’t support even a kid? Again, relax- this won’t give in! It has a 300-lb weight limit and is actually recommended for individuals up to 6ft 6in tall!
  • I lay down on this cot to see if it squeaks like another bogus older wide cot I had. Waah! It remains cool and pressured and won’t raise a voice.
  • You won’t get any problems with its assembly. It’s one of the more straightforward heavy duty cots camping
  • Life is about being flexible! When you get tired of air mattresses or you desperately need a portable bed, this gives you an excellent option


  • The hem of its mattress may need reinforcement. Otherwise, in a few circumstances, it does come apart after a few uses.

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot; Perfect for Base Camp and Hunting

Hunters will tell you that there is nothing as great as having a weapon you can count on. It can make all the difference.

View the Cot on Amazon

Imagine your prey is now within a shot. You aim and then “pop!” only to miss your target because your handgun jammed?

If you are a big guy and then you don’t carry a heavy-duty camp cot on your camping and hunting expedition, be sure that more misses await you.

Simply put, you will be in for a very rough ride.

But if you have the Teton sports outfitter camping cot, you will have such memorable moments you will always want to sleep over again and recreate the precious moments!

What makes this camp bed for heavy people precious?

The sleeping space, man! It’s larger than a twin mattress.

The greatest of them all is that it can take in an elephant- well, almost! This supports a gigantic 600 lbs of flesh!

This is one of the biggest extra-large camping cots. Here is a quick preview of all the awesomeness.


  • The sleeping area sizing at 85x40x19 inches is colossal. I don’t think it gets any bigger!
  • It protects your tent floor. How? It has some perfectly tuned rubber feet which deliver better care and protection to the ground.
  • The fact that the king-size cot can take up a mammoth 600 lb unbowed is definitely one of the most amazing aspect features of this ridiculously capable large cot.
  • It’s versatile enough for camping or for use as one of the spare guest beds. At no one point will it ever let you down. Everyone wakes relaxed and happy.
  • This has a unique steel-leg frame which makes the cot strong, and durable for day-to-day use even in rough surroundings.
  • The camping cots for big and tall superbly fold into the accompanying carrier bag for movement or stowing.
  • This heavy-duty camping bed setup and breakup is fast and stress-free so you won’t spend eternity trying to figure out how it’s done each evening.
  • When you look at all the features, the price looks like pocket change- it’s surprisingly one of the very affordable large cots


  • The end bars lack a lock-in mechanism. Remember is a wider cot so carrying it could be awkward. The option that you have therefore is to lift it using the end bars only to see them pop outwards. Well, be careful when moving it anyway

Coleman Trailhead II Cot

Coleman has been a shining light in the market for heavy-duty cots for a number of years now. They have released so many quality heavy-duty camping cots that it’s sometimes hard to know what will work for you.

View the Cot on Amazon

One of their most outstanding extra-large camping cots is the Coleman trailhead cot. I say this because it’s designed to be military-strong when stressed while still remaining comfortable for use anywhere.

As a heavy-duty army cot, the trailhead keeps you in top condition as you sleep waiting to conquer the world the very next day.

What makes this a conqueror?

I like its steel X-frame for the superior strength it gives the bed. I also found the extra-wide side pockets very nice for storing my personal stuff at night.

Is that all? No!

Here is the rest;


  • This is one of the sturdiest extra-wide camping cots thanks to the excellent X-frame.
  • The extra-wide build guarantees you a spacious sleeping space, restful for you- night after night
  • You can have all your gear with you as you wind down thanks to the room side pockets. This adds convenience and also makes you look very organized.
  • When ready to leave for home, it folds up easily and fits into your carry bag for easy transportation. Or perhaps storage, whenever you want to stow it.
  • It is absolutely stylish- The camouflage has all the style to match the best outdoors in fashion
  • It’s again for the big people out there- this supports up to 300lbs


  • The stitching is not the best there is. It does seem to come out a little too fast. The good news is that it’s very easy to shore this up
  • Once assembled, it’s a little heavier to move compared with the other extra-large camping cots

Camping Cots for Big and Tall Buying Guide

It doesn’t stop there:

I want you to get the best camping cots for big guys! So, here is what to concentrate on when choosing your next large cot;

  • Sturdiness

If you go for a large cot with a frame that is so-so, don’t blame anyone if it gives in on you. Go for the cot which doesn’t wobble or make some irritating squeaking noises when laid on.

  • Comfort

Large cots with foam padding are very tender. Check that the bed you select is comfortable. Otherwise, you will neither sleep nor rest. Too bad!

  • Weight rating

It’s better to go for a heavy-duty camping bed that can hold your pounds.

  • Ease of assembly

Avoid extra large camping cots with hazy assembly directions. You will be risking a serious migraine for no good reason.

  • Versatility

Rather than having a cot for hunting, another one for camping, and an additional one for the poolside, why not choose a super cot that can be used as a spare guest bed, and anywhere else indoor or outdoor?

  • Ease of packing/unpacking

I love camp beds for heavy people which I can fold off easily when I feel like zooming off.

  • Size of sleeping space

The bigger the better. You would rather have a king-size than regret small spaces

To wrap it all up;

Best Heavy-Duty Camping Cots for Big and Tall Reviews

A camping cot is a great way to sleep anywhere you see fit. You can sleep in your favorite room, or even on a balcony.

A camping cot is a great way to get a good night’s sleep, even if you’re in a tent. Camping cots can be difficult to find, so you have to search around a bit to find the one that’s right for you.

My dad would be proud of me! With this information, it would be easy for him to narrow down on a suitable large cot from the many extra large camping cots in the market nowadays

I believe that it’s the same case with you. Get it right and start enjoying your vacations even more!

Just remember sturdiness, comfort, weight capacity, and overall quality matter.

It’s the only way you can make yourself proud out there!

Happy buying!

PS: If you have not recently gone to a camp, here are some 7 reasons why should head back there soon…