Heavy-Duty Tub Transfer Benches for Big and Tall People

For individuals who are big and tall, finding the right shower transfer bench can be essential for ensuring a safe and comfortable bathing experience.

Fortunately, there are tub transfer benches available on the market specifically designed to accommodate higher-weight capacities while maintaining stability and security.

A bathtub transfer bench, or a shower transfer bench, is a specialized piece of equipment designed to assist individuals with limited mobility (obese or disabled) in transferring safely into and out of a bathtub or shower.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the best tub transfer benches tailored for big and tall individuals, offering reliable support and peace of mind.

Tub Transfer BenchFrame MaterialWeight CapacityPrice
Drive Medical 12025KD-1 Sliding Transfer BenchAluminum500 lbsView
Medline Padded Transfer Bench Aluminum400 lbsView
Invacare I-Class Heavy Duty Transfer BenchAluminum400 lbsView
Eagle Health Supplies Sliding Transfer BenchAluminum400 lbsView
Carousel Sliding Tub Transfer BenchAluminum300 lbsView
Gateway Premium Sliding Bath Transfer BenchAluminum330 lbsView
Pro-Slide Sliding Bathtub Transfer BenchAluminum400 lbsView
HEALTHLINE Heavy-Duty Transfer BenchAluminum500 lbsView
OasisSpace Heavy Duty Tub Transfer BenchAluminum500 lbsView
Nurhome Heavy Duty Bathtub Transfer BenchAluminum350 lbsView

Best Tub Transfer Benches

A tub transfer bench provides a stable and secure seating surface that spans across the tub’s edge, allowing the user to sit outside the tub and then slide over the side and into the bathing area.

Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Transfer Bench

With its impressive weight capacity of up to 500 pounds, the Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Transfer Bench is a top choice for individuals with larger frames.

It features a wide and sturdy seat, providing ample space and stability.

The bench is adjustable in height and width, allowing customization to fit different bathtub heights and widths.

The backrest can be reversed (can be removed and fitted on the other end of the bench) to accommodate left or right transfers, and the armrests provide additional support during the transfer process.

The bench’s suction cup feet make it more stable.

Medline Heavy-Duty Padded Transfer Bench

The Medline Heavy Duty Padded Transfer Bench is designed to accommodate individuals weighing up to 400 pounds.

This transfer bench offers a generously sized seat with a plush cushion for enhanced comfort.

The backrest is padded as well, providing extra support, and minimizing pressure points.

Its durable construction and sturdy frame ensure stability, while the adjustable legs allow for proper alignment with the bathtub.

Invacare I-Class Heavy Duty Transfer Bench

The Invacare Bariatric Shower Transfer Bench is a reliable option for big and tall individuals, with a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds.

Its wide seat and strong aluminum frame offer exceptional stability and security.

The bench features a textured surface to reduce the risk of slips, and the backrest provides added comfort. The armrests are ergonomically designed and can be easily adjusted to the preferred height.

Eagle Health Supplies Sliding Bath Transfer Bench

The Eagle Health Supplies Sliding Tub Transfer Bench is a heavy-duty solution designed to support individuals weighing up to 400 pounds.

It boasts a reinforced aluminum frame and cross-bracing for maximum strength and stability. The seat is extra wide and features an adjustable safety belt for added safety.

The backrest is removable for flexible use, and the armrests provide excellent support.

Additionally, this bench offers height and width (sliding) adjustability to fit various bathtub sizes.

Carousel Sliding Shower Chair Tub Transfer Bench

The Carousel Sliding Shower Chair Tub Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat is an innovative and versatile option for individuals with mobility challenges during bathing.

This transfer bench combines the functionality of a transfer bench with the convenience of a swivel seat, providing enhanced maneuverability and ease of use.

The shower transfer bench simplifies the process of entering and exiting the tub or shower by eliminating the need for twisting or turning.

The bench also features a sliding mechanism, enabling users to glide smoothly across the seat, ensuring a safe and controlled transfer.

With a sturdy aluminum construction, adjustable legs, and a weight capacity of 300 pounds, this Carousel Sliding Shower Chair Tub Transfer Bench ensures stability and security.

The added swivel seat feature offers individuals increased independence and a more enjoyable bathing experience.

Differences between a bath transfer bench and a shower chair

A bath transfer bench and a shower chair are different pieces of equipment, although they both serve similar purposes of assisting individuals with limited mobility during bathing.

Here’s a breakdown of their differences:

Bath Transfer Bench:

  1. Design: A bath transfer bench is specifically designed to facilitate transfer in and out of a bathtub. It typically consists of a long seat that spans across the tub’s edge, allowing the user to sit outside the tub and slide themselves over the side and into the bathing area.
  2. Stability: Tub transfer benches are known for their stability, as they often have adjustable legs that extend into the tub to provide a secure base. They are designed to handle weight shifting during transfers and movements.
  3. Backrest: Most bath transfer benches come with a backrest, offering support and comfort while sitting and bathing.
  4. Functionality: Transfer benches are versatile and can be used for showering as well if the user has a showerhead that can reach them outside the tub.

Shower Chair:

  1. Design: A shower chair, as the name suggests, is primarily designed for use in the shower or standalone shower stall. It features a chair-like design with a sturdy seat, backrest, and sometimes armrests.
  2. Portability: Shower chairs are often lightweight and more portable than transfer benches. They can be easily moved in and out of the shower area as needed.
  3. Size and Shape: Shower chairs come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different user needs. Some have a compact design for smaller shower spaces, while others have a wider seat for comfort.
  4. Stability: While shower chairs provide stability, they may not offer the same level of stability as transfer benches since they do not extend over the tub’s edge. However, some shower chairs have suction cups or rubberized feet to enhance grip on wet surfaces.

Ultimately, the choice between a tub transfer bench and a shower chair depends on individual needs, bathroom setup, and personal preferences.

Bath transfer benches are better suited for individuals who need assistance transferring in and out of a bathtub, while shower chairs are ideal for those who primarily shower and require a stable seating option in the shower area.

Heavy-Duty Tub Transfer Benches for Big and Tall People


When it comes to choosing a transfer bench for big and tall individuals, it’s crucial to prioritize safety, stability, and weight capacity. The aforementioned transfer benches – the Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Transfer Bench, Medline Heavy Duty Padded Transfer Bench, Invacare Bariatric Shower Transfer Bench, and Eagle Health Supplies Bariatric Transfer Bench – are excellent options that cater to higher weight capacities.

Remember to assess individual needs and preferences to select the most suitable transfer bench for bathtub, ensuring a secure and comfortable bathing experience for individuals of all sizes.