Best Plus-Size Christmas Pajamas for Men

One of the favorite wear-to-bed clothing that has never declined in favor is a quality pair of Christmas pajamas. 

Pajamas have been in existence for centuries and have remained the top sleepwear in most parts of the world. They have an appealing design that has gone beyond the limits of a bedroom and has become a favorite Christmas wear for home business owners, home moms, and dads.

However, selecting big and tall Christmas pajamas is not an easy task.

A good big and tall pajama should withstand the size of big guys so it won’t break down easily. Therefore, when selecting a big and tall Christmas pajama, you need to be smart in the section.

In this article, we will highlight the 5 most comfortable men’s Christmas pajamas along with a handy buying guide that will help you make an informed decision.

Christmas PajamaMaterialSizesPrice
Family Matching Christmas PajamasCottonX-Small to 4X-LargeView
#followme Ultra Soft Fleece Men’s Plaid PajamaPolyester, FleeceSmall to 3X-LargeView
#followme Matching Family PajamasPolyesterSmall to 3X-LargeView
EverDream Sleepwear Men’s Flannel PajamasCottonSmall to 3X-LargeView
Matching Family Pajamas ChristmasCottonSmall to 3X-LargeView
Matching Family Pajamas Christmas SleepwearCottonSmall to 3X-LargeView
MyFav Matching Family Christmas PajamasPolyester, CottonSmall to 3X-LargeView
DARESAY Multipack of Men’s Microfleece PajamaMicrofleeceSmall to 3X-LargeView
SLEEPHERO Adult Onesie Cozy Christmas PajamasPolyesterSmall to 3X-LargeView
IF Family Matching Christmas PajamasCottonX-Small to 3X-LargeView

Best Plus-Size Christmas Pajamas for Men Reviews

#followme Microfleece Men’s Plaid Pajama Pants with Pockets

If you’re looking for the best big and tall pajamas that prioritizes comfort, this is a good bet. The #followme Microfleece Men’s Plaid Pajama Pants with Pockets is designed with microfleece fabric and is ideal for relaxing at home on a lazy day or hitting the streets. It is made to suit all body sizes and has a drawstring for superior comfort.

followme Microfleece Men’s Buffalo Plaid Pajama Pants with Pockets


  • 100% polyester microfleece
  • Twill drawstring
  • Plaid design


  • Snug and secure fit
  • Multiple colors
  • Available in various sizes
  • Unmatched comfort


  • Super baggy and way too long

#followme Matching Pajamas for Couples, Dog and Owner Buffalo Plaid

Match as a couple or as a family with the #followme Matching Pajamas for Couples, Dog, and Owner Buffalo Plaid. These pajamas come in all sizes, and every family member can rock in them. The toddler and newborn pajamas come as one-piece footed blanket sleepers, while the others are two-piece jammies. It is made of microfleece fabric that makes the PJs for adults and kids comfortably warm and soft.

followme Matching Family Pajamas Buffalo Plaid


  • Microfleece fabric
  • 2 side pockets
  • Full zipper


  • Easy to wear
  • Durable design
  • Extra-soft and comfortable
  • Nice for Christmas memories


  • Some users complain that the sizes do not fit well


MyFav Matching Family Christmas Pajamas Set Soft Holiday Clothes Sleepwear

You may want to consider the MyFav Matching Family Christmas Pajamas if you’re looking for a lightweight pair of pajamas with a touch of style. This family Christmas pajama is made of lightweight, soft, and cozy polyester making it extremely durable. It comes in perfect sizes for girls, adults, boys, and toddlers, giving your family a perfectly matching look for the festive.

MyFav Matching Family Christmas Pajamas Set Soft Holiday Clothes Sleepwear


  • Polyester material
  • Unique prints and graphics
  • Full-length pants


  • Ideal for all family members
  • Comfortable and  warm
  • Cute and lovely patterns
  • Flexible waist
  • Snug-fitting


  • Too thin of a material

Men’s Warm Fleece One-Piece Footed Pajamas, Winter Christmas Onesie with Hood

The Men’s Warm Fleece One-Piece Footed Pajamas are made from extra-soft coral fleece that keeps you fully covered and warm even during the coldest Christmas nights. This pajama can also be worn when camping, hunting, or attending a freezing cold night game. This set comes with 2 removable that you can zip up to keep your feet warm.

Alexander Del Rossa Men's Warm Fleece One Piece Hooded Footed Zipper Pajamas


  • 250 Gsm coral fleece
  • Non-skid feet
  • Drawstring hood and pockets
  • 2 pockets


  • Comfortable and warm
  • Secure pockets
  • Non-slip grip
  • Risk-free guarantee


  • Some users complain about its durability


Ekouaer Men’s Pajama Christmas Sleepwear Cotton Long Sleeve Lounge Holiday Printed 2 Piece

These 3xl men’s Christmas pajamas are made of ultra-soft cotton that is comfortable, elastic, and breathable. This long-sleeve pajama is warm and cute, making it ideal for every age group. It has a relaxed-fitting, casual, and loose design that makes it a great home-wear option. You can comfortably attend pajama parties, sleepwear, Christmas parties, lounging on movie night, or Christmas morning pictures with this pajama.

Ekouaer Men's Pajama Christmas Sleepwear Long Sleeve Lounge Holiday Printed 2 Piece pj Set


  • Long sleeve
  • 2-piece PJ set
  • 3 buttons
  • Ultra-soft cotton


  • Amazing sleep outfit
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Unique design
  • Beautiful patterns
  • Elastic waist


  • Too long for some users

Types of Pajamas

Modern Pajamas

Modern pajamas for men come with a pair of soft pants with a drawstring that offers good coverage and comfort.

Footed Pajamas and Onesies

From semi-cosplay to cute animal designs, footie, and onesies pajamas for men exit. They are great for warm climates and always keep you warm.

Two-Piece Set

If you like keeping things organized or matching pajamas, go for a two-piece set, which can be a top and pants set.


Although these are not popular for men, sleeping in a long shirt can be a comfortable and breezy option to sleeping with a pajama that restricts your legs.

Benefits of Wearing Pajamas

Apart from allowing you to cover up around family members, there are some benefits of wearing pajamas that are unknown to many people. Here are some benefits:


Just like a top sheet is designed to protect your duvet cover or comforter while sleeping, putting on a pajama will help protect your mattress and sheets. As we sleep, our body oils, sweat, and dead skin cells get stuck on the sheets we use, especially if it’s made of absorbent material like cotton. Therefore, if you’re looking for a clean sleeping experience, quality pajama is a great choice.


Getting up in the morning or at night is easier when you don’t have to dress up. If you want to take your pet outside or like to go from sleeping to lounging seamlessly, pajamas are a great choice.


Depending on the climate, you may require some warm clothing to keep you warm. Although you can pile on the blankets, they may not retain heat close to your body.


If your blankets or sheets aren’t plush or soft, quality pair of pajamas may give you a comfortable sleeping experience.


What is the Best Men’s Christmas Pajama?

The best choice for pajamas depends mostly on your personal preferences, but you would most want a highly breathable, lightweight material. Additionally, you should avoid long sleeves that can overheat you.

How Long Should I Wear Them?

If you take a shower before bed, you can wash your PJs after 3 to 4 years, but you’ll determine the most appropriate time.

Is It Better to Sleep Naked or In a Pajama?

Sleeping naked comes with its own benefits, like keeping you cool at night, safe on sensitive skin, and maintaining skin-to-skin contact with a partner. It entirely depends on your preference, but if you want the best of both worlds, go for lightweight pajamas.

Men’s Christmas Pajamas Buying Guide

When buying a 3xl men’s Christmas pajama, you must consider some aspects to ensure that your purchase is worth every penny and long-lasting. Here is a breakdown of what you need to be keen on for the best big and tall pajamas.


Selecting the right fabric is crucial since it is different and subjective for everyone. Cotton is usually durable, washable, and breathable, which minimizes sweating. Polyester is easy to clean and cost-effective, although it’s not soft as other materials. Other materials include linen, cashmere, silk, rayon, and Supplex.


Always go for pajama pants that feel comfortable on your body. If your pajama is uncomfortable, you’ll need to size up or down depending on the type of fabric. However, do not go for pajamas that are too tight.


Before making a purchase, always consider the temperature you’ll be sleeping on. If you’re looking for a pajama for camping, go for a war one, but if you need one to use at your home, look for a breathable pajama.

Intended Use

Some people use pajamas as loungewear in bed, while others use them for lounging and sleeping in underwear. Before adding a product to the cart, consider your intended use and the features you require to feel comfortable.

Personal Style

The Christmas pajama you choose will also depend on your style. You can easily get a pajama that has the pattern or color you like. If you want to wear pajamas for a long time, go for a neutral color to ensure that you’re always in style.

When Will You Wear Them?

Are you looking for a new pajama to impress your partner or rock on a Saturday morning? Knowing when you plan to wear the pajama will help you purchase one that suits your lifestyle.

Ease of Cleaning

Buy a pair of pajamas according to your laundering habits. If you pile your clothes for weeks, go for a PJ that’s easy to clean and take care of. You should avoid dry-cleaning only and PJs that need ironing. There is nothing more discouraging than buying a comfortable pajama only to realize that it will never clean.


Consider the various price points of pajamas and get a pair that suits your needs and budget. Pajamas are available at different price points, but the price is closely related to the quality.


Another factor to be keen on is the ease of taking the pajama on and off. If you have physical limitations like surgery or suffer from poor eyesight, go for a button-up pair. If you like visiting the bathroom at night, look for one that has a drawstring or button fly.


Men’s Christmas pajamas may have evolved over the years, but quality Christmas pajamas can give you a good night’s rest and add comfort to your Christmas festivities. The best big and tall pajamas will also improve your sleep. We hope our guide will help you choose your dream pair. Good luck!