Heavy-Duty Reclining Office Chairs for Big and Tall

As a plus-size guy, a heavy-duty reclining office chair is the ultimate way to get a quick relaxation session while working behind the desk.

Working in a relaxed environment has proved to enhance worker morale and job performance.

Reclining office chairs offer a much greater range of reclining while allowing you to choose between play and work.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty reclining office chair to ease your pains and aches from sitting in the same position for long hours, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ve reviewed the 5 best heavy-duty reclining office chairs that will help you achieve maximum comfort in your workday.

Office ChairCapacityReclinePrice
REFICCER Ergonomic Executive Home Office Chair400 lb90° to 175°View
XUER Ergonomics Office Chair330 lb90° to 126°View
SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair330 lb90° to 120°View
Ticova Executive Office Chair300 lb90° to 140°View
ComHoma Office Computer Desk Chair300 lb90° to 105°View
NOBLEWELL Office Chair Ergonomic Office Chair300 lb90° to 135°View
Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair280 lb90° to 120°View
KERMS High Back Executive Office Chair280 lb90° to 120°View
SUNNOW Ergonomic Office Chair280 lb90° to 135°View
Amazon Basics Executive Office Desk Chair275 lb90° to 123°View
Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair275 lb90° to 135°View
Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair250 lb90° to 155°View
Hbada Ergonomic Home Office Chair225 lb90° to 155°View
HOMEFUN Ergonomic Office Chair250 lb90° to 135°View
Qwork High Back Office Chair250 lb90° to 110°View

Best Sturdy Recliner Office Chair Reviews

KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Office Chair

Office work and gaming are similar and require you to be comfortable while at it. The KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Office Chair comes with a high recline chair that allows you to relax, stretch your back, take naps, play games, work from home, and more. It has a 350 lbs capacity and memory foam padding on top of its seat cushion. This reclining office chair is covered with soft and nice leather and has a high back seat with a very comfortable headrest and good lumbar support.


  • 350 lb weight capacity
  • USB electric massager
  • Memory foam padding
  • Integrated metal frame


  • Excellent after-sale service
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Great ergonomic design


  • The chair is a bit hard, even with the memory foam

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Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair

If you’re looking for an executive-style reclining office chair, this is a good bet. The Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair has a high-back design for big and tall people that give sufficient back support to avoid back pains. It is equipped with soft padding that offers the comfort you need for hours. It has a nylon base and casters that make this model solid and stable. With its tilt-lock mechanism, you can lock the office chair in place when reclined.


  • Heavy-duty metal base
  • Tilt-lock mechanism
  • Soft PU leather
  • Caster wheels


  • Comfortable design
  • Curved and padded armrests
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Solid and stable
  • Tilt mechanism


  • Limited recline options

Kealive Massage Office Chair with Linen Fabric

The Kealive Massage Office Chair with Linen Fabric is an adjustable chair that can accommodate all your comfort needs. The impressive look of this office chair is something pleasing to the eyes and has an integrated massage system. This reclining office chair comes with a remote that’s used to control the massage feature. It has a back that reclines at an angle of 120 degrees and allows for height adjustment.


  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Fabric material
  • Adjust backrest button
  • Corrosion-resistant nylon base


  • Durable design
  • Smooth and quiet wheels
  • Comfortable and convenient gas lift
  • Adjustable seat height


  • Not a massaging chair

REFICCER Big and Tall Reclining Leather Office Chair

If you’re a plus-size guy, finding a reclining office chair that’s strong enough to handle your weight can be challenging. The REFICCER Big and Tall Reclining Leather Office Chair rises to that challenge and can support up to 400lbs of weight. It has smooth doubly-stitched bonded leather that makes it super durable. This office chair reclines at 175 degrees and allows you to lay flat to take a nap.


  • High-back design
  • Built-in adjustable lumbar support
  • Bonded leather
  • Nylon rolling casters


  • Very comfortable leather
  • Adjustable lumbar pillow
  • Thick padding


  • The footrest is quite narrow

Ticova Executive Office Chair

If you’re looking for a comfortable stay in your office without any back pains, this is a good choice. The Ticova Executive Office Chair is made with quality leather and padded with high-density foam. It also comes with 5 smooth wheels for effortless maneuvering and a sturdy chair base. This executive office chair can be tilted up to 140 degrees and is equipped with a retractable footrest and rocking resilience.


  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Retractable footrest
  • Stainless-plated iron armrest


  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for people of various heights


  • The armrest is not adjustable

Benefits of Choosing a Reclining Office Chair

Better Blood Circulation

Investing in a reclining office chair is crucial for your posture and health since it supports your body in its natural curvature. A quality reclining chair eases some weight from the joints and spine and distributes it to the office chair.

Furthermore, sitting at the right angle improves blood circulation because by supporting your feet, you may slow blood pooling than when you put your feet on the floor.

Improves Sitting Posture

Reclining can prevent you from slouching and opening up the airways. When it comes to ergonomics, reclining office chairs are shifting from having only an adjustable reclining feature to more advanced features like lumbar seat angle and adjustable seat height. These reclining office chairs have the best of both worlds for exceptional body support and comfort.

Help You Relax

What sets reclining chairs apart from other chairs is the pull-out footrest. The footrest is properly padded to offer comfortable ergonomic support for the lower limbs. With a footrest, you’ll reduce the weight on the back thigh and reduce the pressure on the blood vessels.

Comfortable Power Naps

A reclining chair gives you a chance to lay completely horizontal for a relaxing nap or to watch a movie on your computer.


Is Reclining Good For Back Pain?

Absolutely! Recliners relieve back pain, especially when you adjust various hip angle placements and back support.

Can I Sleep on a Recliner?

Yes, you can, but it’s not a healthy practice. Advanced technologies help us sleep on recliners without putting pressure on our backs, but adopting this habit every day is not a great idea.

What is an Ergonomic Office Chair?

An ergonomic office chair is specially designed to offer optimum support to the human body. This chair prioritizes the support, comfort, posture, and health of the user.

How Do You Adjust a Reclining Office Chair?

The reclining mechanism depends on the office chair in question. Here are some types of recliners and how to recline them.

Wall-hugger recliner: This space-saving recliner can be reclined by pressing it against the wall.

Lift recliner: It has a lift mechanism that shifts the chair from a flat position to a more upright angle. It’s the best choice for guys with lower body trouble.

Swivel Recliner: These recliners come with a 360° motion range and recline backward.

Push-back Recliner: This looks like regular home furniture and doesn’t require special mechanisms to recline. All you need is to lean back and apply pressure.

Rocker Recliner: It reclines on an arched path that has room for rocking on its axis.

Power Recliners: These chairs are similar to traditional chairs, but they rely on power to recline.

Traditional Recliners: These chairs use a lever or button to recline and demand a lot of space for lounging.

Reclining Office Chair Buying Guide

Buying the best heavy-duty reclining office chair can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are some factors that you should be keen on when purchasing a heavy-duty reclining office chair that will suit your weight and offer superior comfort. These include:

Chair Size

The reclining chair you choose should be large enough to accommodate your plus size. However, you need to check if you have sufficient room to place your favorite chair and its dimensions.

Massage Abilities

Although it may cost a fortune, investing in a reclining office chair with massaging ability gives you a relaxing ability while working or lounging.


Reclining office chairs are mostly made with fabric, mesh, or leather. The material you choose depends on personal preferences. Fabric comes in several varieties and is more delicate to the touch, but it wears or stains over time. Mesh material is durable, breathable, and offers excellent support, but it’s firm because it lacks underlying cushioning.

On the other hand, leather material is durable, smells nice, and soft to touch, but it requires some conditioning and is prone to cracking.


A quality reclining office chair should be adjustable either by using pneumatic pumps or manually. It’s advisable to check if the adjustable system is comfortable and suits your needs.

Lumbar Support

A reclining chair with poor lumbar support is not worth your money. Always go for a reclining office chair that offers sufficient lumbar support and one that’s ergonomically designed.

Foot Rest

A good footrest should be strong, sturdy, and comfortably padded. If you like taking a nap in your chair, look for a reclining chair with a properly designed footrest. Some have manual leg rest, while others use a side lever to control it. Ensure the footrest is easy to pull down and push back.

Weight Capacity

Be keen on the specified weight capacity on the manufacturer’s website or product manual. Different reclining office chairs have different weight capacities. It’s important to purchase the right model that can withstand your total weight. It is advisable to look for a reclining office chair that can hold a higher weight capacity than yours. This will cater to any additional weight you might experience.


Some reclining office chairs have a higher price point. Always set a budget that will allow you to get a reclining office chair that suits all your office needs. Always research the models available and select one that has the features you want at an affordable price.


Be keen on the warranty offered by the manufacturer and check the warranty terms. This will be handy if your reclining office chair malfunctions and helps you to claim a replacement.


Buying a strong reclining office chair isn’t a big deal with all aspects considered. There are wide scopes of decisions you can center around and make the buying decision easier. If you’re looking for comfort, flexibility, and height adjustment, nothing beats the reclining office chairs reviewed above.