Best Heavy-Duty Mattresses for Big and Tall

If you’re a plus-size guy, you know how important support can be when buying a mattress. Every mattress is designed to suit a specific body weight, size and shape.

How firm and thick the mattress is, the built materials and the support and comfort layers, foam density, coil gauge- these factors determine the comfort of the mattress.

Choosing the best mattress for heavy people from a multitude of available options can be challenging.

Fortunately, we’ve reviewed the 5 best heavy duty beds along with a handy guide to help you make a wise decision.

Best Mattress for Heavy People Reviews

DreamCloud Premier

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty mattress that comes with a perfect balance of support and comfort, this is a great choice. The DreamCloud Premier features high-grade coils in the support layer that can support heavyweights. It has a fluffy pillow top and several layers of pressure-relieving foam on top. Therefore, this is the best option for heavy side and back sleepers.


  • High-grade coils
  • Luxury cashmere-blend cover
  • Contouring gel memory foam
  • Premium 6-layer hybrid design


  • Supportive innerspring coils
  • Provides relief to the back and joints
  • Super comfortable
  • 365-night home trial


  • Expensive

Helix Plus mattress for heavy people

The Helix Plus mattress for heavy people has comfortable layers of latex-like Helix Dynamic Response foam and memory foam that creates a responsive and body-conforming product. This mattress isolates and eliminates motion transfer effectively than other models, thanks to the deep comfort layers.

It’s built with durable materials that can last for at least seven years without any sign of discomfort. Additionally, the balanced contouring makes it ideal for stomach and back sleepers who weigh between 130-230 pounds.


  • 13-inch mattress
  • Memory-plus foam
  • Proprietary Helix Dynamic Foam
  • Tencel Airflow technology


  • Ultra-breathable design
  • Cool and comfortable all night long
  • Affordable
  • Offers maximum support

The WinkBed

This plus-size mattress is strongly designed with a high-density polyfoam comfort layer and a layer of responsive latex that offers sufficient cushion to your overweight body. It is designed to ensure even weight distribution and contouring without excessive sagging. With this mattress, you’ll enjoy good edge support that keeps you stable when lying or sleeping near the edges. It comes with a breathable latex layer and steady flow, making it a perfect choice for hot sleepers.


  • High-density  polyfoam comfort layer
  • Pocketed  coils
  • Extra-edge support system
  • Tencel cover


  • Superior support and comfort
  • Ideal for couples with different weights
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Good edge support

GhostBed Flex

If you’re plus-size and overheat at night, you need a supportive mattress that keeps you cool all night long. In this case, go for the GhostBed Flex. This is a hybrid mattress that comes with pocketed coils that can handle heavy weights and multiple soft foam layers that relieve pressure. The mattress design is ideal for side and back sleepers. What’s more, this mattress has a cooling cover that regulates temperature at night.


  • Gel infusions
  • Cooling cover
  • 13-inch height
  • Pocketed coils
  • Multiple layers of soft foam


  • Supportive coils to hold extra weight
  • Ideal for back and side sleeping
  • Reinforced edge support
  • Impressive temperature regulation

The Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress

If you like an all-foam memory foam mattress, this is a great choice. The Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress comes with a thick layer of memory foam that gives you a slow-moving memory foam feel. This mattress conforms to your body perfectly when lying down, giving you the comfort you need at night. Also, this mattress comes with Phase Change Material that dispels any body heat that gathers at night.


  • Breathable Poly-blend cover
  • A thick layer of memory foam
  • 7-inch foam layer


  • Excellent cooling technology
  • Superior comfort and support
  • Slip and slide resistant

Types of Mattresses for Heavy People

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are the perfect choice for pain prevention and relief. This material is designed to mold your body better than other materials, which leads to pressure point relief. The comfort layers usually isolate and absorb motion transfer, making the bed virtually silent.


For big guys, latex mattresses are a reliable option as well. This mattress does not deteriorate or lose shape easily, meaning that you’re guaranteed better support for years to come.


Hybrid beds combine an innerspring coil system and foam layers. These mattresses are the best choice for guys looking for a cushioning bed like memory foam and latex but don’t want to lose the bounce of innersprings. Hybrid mattresses have a higher price tag because of the high-quality materials used in the construction.


This mattress uses springs to make support better, especially for oversized people. However, these mattresses are not the best option for pain relief.


What is the Best Mattress for an Oversized Guy?

The best mattress for a heavy guy should be comfortable, supportive, and durable. All the products we’ve reviewed above will offer unmatched levels of comfort every day.

Do Mattresses Have a Weight Limit?

Yes, they do! Although some companies do not state it, all mattresses come with their own weight limit. It is crucial for oversized guys to check the weight limits of the mattresses before placing an order. Many mattresses that are specifically designed for big people advertise their weight limits center and front.

Can Extra Weight Cause Sleep Apnea?

Excess weight can put you at risk of developing sleep apnea because the soft tissues in your throat and mouth can restrict your breathing, which may affect your sleep and oxygen levels. One of the most effective methods of reducing sleep apnea symptoms is weight loss.

What is the Best Firm mattress for a Heavy Person?

The best firm mattresses should be at least 10 inches thick for sufficient support and durability. Thin mattresses may be firm, but this is because of inadequate amount of materials. Many oversized sleepers opt for firm mattresses because of their buoyant, supportive feel.

Mattress for Heavy People Buying Guide

As an oversized guy, it’s crucial to buy a mattress that can contour to your body comfortably. Choosing a mattress that’s too small and thin will make you uncomfortable and have insufficient sleep. Therefore, before you rush off, you need to understand the different features and what to look for.  Here are things to consider when selecting a mattress for a heavy person.


No matter your size, durability is a crucial factor to consider when looking for a mattress. For plus-size guys, durability is even more important since their extra weight can strain the mattress and reduce its lifespan. To ensure that your mattress lasts for a long time, go for a model that comes with extra coils and high-density foams.


Look for a mattress that has high-density foams and taller coils for extra support. High-grade and taller coils are designed to support more weight, so you should go for one with a high number of coils across the mattress.

Edge Support

Plus-size guys should look for mattresses built with enhanced edge support to make sure the whole surface of the mattress is strong. Edge support determines how the mattress will hold up when you’re sitting or lying near the side of the bed.  A mattress with poor edge support can make you feel unsupported or roll of the side.


The level of firmness depends on who is using the mattress. What feels soft or firm to one person may be different to others. When you’re oversized, a soft mattress may not offer sufficient support when sleeping. When looking for a heavy-duty mattress, go for a firm one that will be durable enough to support your weight in years to come. If you want a softer bed, choose a medium-firm that is supportive and cushioned enough to provide a comfortable sleeping surface.


Tall mattresses are better suited for plus-size guys because they are equipped with more materials that allow your body to sink comfortably. When buying a mattress, check the thickness of the mattress layers. Thicker comfort layers give you more room to sink and still feel comfortable in the bed.


Go for a heavy-duty mattress that comes with favorable warranty terms. Before making a purchase, always examine the terms of the warranty. This will help you if your mattress becomes faulty and helps you to claim a replacement.


Price dictates everything we purchase. Heavy-duty mattresses are designed to be big and to hold more weight. Plus-size beds that are designed to hold more weight are more expensive. Set a reasonable budget for how much you’re willing to spend and choose one from the products reviewed.


Choosing the best mattress for heavy people doesn’t have to be a headache. With this handy guide, you can easily pick a mattress that will give you a deep and sound sleep at night. Pick one from the products reviewed above and enjoy peaceful nights. Good luck!